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Modern Fitness Myths

Today I heard the Shocking news of the death of Alexander Dale Oen. I just blogged about how fitness in this era is wrongly defined in my website. What makes me all the more sad was, I read about this athelte and his reaction after the shoot out in Norway which took away 77 lives. A person so nice, so sensitive, so talented succumbed to cardiac arrest; a disease that is supposed to occur only to old people over 50 years of age.

The stress levels today are way too high, even the young kids who are supposed to enjoy life without any restraint is full of stress. Parents should focus on the well being of the kid and overcoming competition alone is not well being. A kid should have a wholesome growth to become a good and strong individual. What we teach kids will go a long way in shaping their life and teaching them to live in stress is definitely not the right away.

I am extremely sad today and will put in efforts to spread the message of getting away from stress. I am already teaching a few people simple yogic practices to avoid mental stress and to recuperate soon from physical stress. I will do my bit to break the modern fitness myths, bigger muscles doesn’t mean healthier individual. Live a healthy life than a body builder’s life.

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The Changing Times of SEO

I entered the internet marketing industry approximately 5 years before. It was a time when I started having plans of running a business of my own instead of working for someone else. I had a clear blueprint of how to set up a Web Services and Mobile Applications development business. However what I was worried about was the utilization of resources, I don’t want people to warm the bench, when there was insufficient work. The best solution that came to my mind then was to set up a business as planned, but also to get in to internet marketing at the same time. That ways, I will always have some work for my resources even when I get less orders.

Everything worked out well, and my internet marketing business was booming, as whatever niche I worked on, the websites became a big hit with the SEO we did. SEO back then used to be very simple, so for some time I contemplated making Internet marketing my full time business, but did not do it as I believed in diversification. I made good amount of money from it, and instead of reinvesting on it, I expanded my operations, got my business registered in the US (Sivan Tech LLC).

Google's Panda Updates SEOHowever this year marked a huge change of dynamics with the google updating the algorithm (panda updates) and the current update has made negative SEO a reality. Some of my sites are hit, and many of the internet marketers websites are thrashed. However this creates a whole new opportunity for copywriters and good SEO service providers. Google says that do little or no SEO, this makes it all the more tricky, what is little SEO? Can a business owner just put up good content and wait for google to index him? or is Google doing all this to increase their adwords revenue? By saying ‘Keep it Simple’ Google has actually made the game more complicated.

Like always every challenge is an opportunity.. I will consider this as an opportunity and will work on getting more business out of these updates.